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Assagne’s Leaked Police Report and Lack of Self-Awareness

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A bit of irony yesterday from the New York Daily News – not only has Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange’s police report been leaked, but his legal team is pretty pissed about it.

According to the Assagne camp “the purpose can only be one thing: trying to make Julian look bad.” But as more details come out about the rape case, the more questions arise. When we in the United States hear “rape” we immediately conjure thoughts of a repulsive mix of violence, coercion, force, and sexual assault, which is why its so hard to quantify false rape charges, and why rape cases are so damming.

In Sweden, though, the concept of rape is a bit different, highlighted by the dual facts that 1) only 20 percent of rape accusations go to trial and only half result in convictions and 2) Sweden casts a large net over what they consider rape. These are the things that Assange’s supporters trump up in his defense.

Here in the States, though – where Vice President Biden recently called Assange a terrorist – this kind of thing is a PR nightmare. I, for one, am a staunch supporter of what Wikileaks is doing, although I do think Assage is a gigantic douchebag, but for those who think that its just a-okay for the government to do whatever diplomatically and seal those documents up for decades, this is not helping his already skewed image. When the word “rape” is brought into the conversation, few will care that “Miss W” consented to having sex with Assange, then they stopped, then she woke up with him having sex with her (“Miss A” also consented after Assange’s, strong comings-on).  He publicly refers to himself as a gentleman, though few would agree that this is gentlemanly behavior. The courts will decide if this is rape or not, but little doubt remains that Assange does need a healthy dose of humility.

The sad part, too, is that this hilariously ironic lack of self-awareness and self-interest will, largely, be missed by the public. Yes, its funny that the master of the leaked document is deriding the leak of documents directly related to him. What’s worse, though, is that he could have played this right into his hands. Instead his legal team goes to the press wreaking of the same closed nature as the governments Assange hopes to hold accountable. If anything the leaked documents show that Assange is the asshole we all knew he was to begin with, but his status as a rapist is questionable, at least in the sense that it is not 100 percent cut and try. He could have used that to his advantage. Instead, we sit here and laugh at him.


Written by Matt

December 23, 2010 at 1:42 am

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Man, Julian Assange Seems Like an Asshole

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I always had my inklings about him after those rape and molestation allegations came out earlier this year, but recent behavior has really solidified it for me: Julian Assange is an asshole.

A profile of the man in Sunday’s New York Times lays out the reasons nicely. He has a sick sense of self-importance and a DIY aura of grandeur that keeps him from seeing any disagreement as a good faith disagreement. They are all attempts to destroy him, up to and including unwanted sexual advances on his part. These are not mistakes, no, no, these are deliberate attempts to destroy his credibility and bring down his game-changing website. The Times hails him as the Internet-era’s great font of inflammatory information, and while there is little to dispute about that there also happens to be little evidence to suggest that he sees himself as this day and age’s great transformative figure. A suave ladies man (“They call me the James Bond of journalism”), the true defender of Western Civilization (“Mr. Assange said America was an increasingly militarized society and a threat to democracy”), a man with near infinite intellectual capacity (he is in possession of “what friends call a near genius I.Q.”), and the Church of Wikileaks’ sole messianic figure (“I am the heart and soul of his organization, its founder, philosopher, spokesperson, original coder, organizer, financier, and all the rest.”)

Then he walks out on a CNN interview when asked about the criticism by his colleagues (minions?) and the rape allegations. Evidently he is alternating between these developments being dirty tricks to bring him down and a “If we’re not here to talk about my greatness, I’m leaving” type attitude. Whether he likes it or not these two things are part of Wikileaks, and when the Taliban finds, and inevitably executes, Afghans leaking Americans information, this surely will ingrain itself into Wikileaks mythology. I would expect Assange’s continued dismissal of these criticisms, as well, even when he is forced to confront them.

This kind of behavior does end up manifesting itself in people who do tend to operate on a higher intellectual level (one off the top of my head: Ayn Rand). “I’m awesome and thus deserve the respect and reverence of all those around me” seems to be a common meme among people like this. They become absolutely certain of their abilities and inflate their greatness disproportionate to their worth, think Crime and Punishment style delusions of grandeur. Not that Wikileaks isn’t important or great or changing the way journalists do their work (just like Atlas Shrugged remains a great and influential novel). It is entirely possible that in order to do the kinds of things Assange (and Rand) does (do) there is some kind of value to carrying yourself with so much arrogance it comes out in your sweat. Its what makes these people so interesting – and simultaneously makes them assholes.

Written by Matt

October 25, 2010 at 3:14 pm