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Times predicts world-altering tech in ’82, still can’t figure it out

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Twenty-nine years ago today, a New York Times article reported on a National Science Foundation report predicting “a style of life defined and controlled by videotex terminals throughout the house.”

The article called it simultaneously “appealing and threatening,” and while it’s not quite videotex (which never really caught on) I think you’d have a hard time arguing that the videotex terminal the NSF mentioned hasn’t become the computer.

Yes, the Times, the United States’ hallmark newspaper, reported on the predicted rise of the internet, and only sort of figured how to leverage it financially and only did so recently. With the news media taking way too long to realize how important the internet is to their bottom line, and it is sort of (I do love journalism, after all) funny to see how the rise of technology was predicted, reported on and then ignored almost completely.


Written by Matt

June 14, 2011 at 4:09 pm

Fox News and the l33t haxx0rz

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If only because writing about 4chan before got me a fair amount of hits the other day, check out this awesome Fox News story about 4chan’s recent DDoS shutdown entitled 4chan, a Breeding Ground for Hackers, Crippled by Hackers.

The article, among other things, calls Anonymous a “hacker collective.” Of course, let’s ignore the rudimentary method of DDoS attacks, described in the article as utilizing “a large network of computers to flood websites with so many data requests that it cannot keep up, eventually crippling the site and forcing it to shut down.”

Let’s ignore that it doesn’t exactly take l33t haxx0r skillz to be part of a DDoS attack or that the majority of 4chan users have never participated in raids.

Basically, a bunch of white suburban computer nerds posting ridiculous pictures have become the single most lethal hacking entity in the world today.

Let’s ignore the fact the Chinese government orchestrated what’s essentially cyberwarfare* on one of our most successful companies. Yep, it’s those /b/tards who are the problem.

*There might not be a term I hate more than “cyberwarfare” or “cyberwar,” though, that’s another post all it’s own.

Written by Matt

December 29, 2010 at 9:50 pm