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Zuckerberg, You’re Flat Out Wrong

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In a story on CNN Money 26-year-old Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he has “made every mistake [with Facebook] you can make. But people allow those mistakes because they love [Facebook].”

Sorry, Mark. That just isn’t the case.

More and more people I know don’t love Facebook, necessarily, but they love the service it provides. A lot of people I know deactivate their accounts or at least consider deactivating them regularly. Many come back or simply back off the idea of deactivation in the first place. But no one gushes about Facebook. Not anymore anyway.

I understand this is anecdotal evidence. But the big stories that have surrounded Facebook in recent months haven’t necessarily been good ones. I’m fairly certain the legacy of The Social Network, even if there are factual problems, will outlast that of Zuckerberg’s donation to Newark schools, unless, of course, you’re a student in Newark.

You hear comparatively less about Apple, who people love, despite the fact their products are the least open of any hardware manufacturer. And Google does a great job of covering itself in “Don’t Be Evil” while doing some reletively evil things.

People aren’t smitten by Messages, constant changes to the layout, and privacy problems. It’s hard to take a company seriously that is trying to redefine the very nature of privacy. I know this because I see people complaining about them. On Facebook.

This could mean that people really do love Facebook and overreact to little changes. More likely than not, though, the utility Facebook provides users greatly outweighs any disdain the user might feel for the company. Facebook expands your social circle substantially and allows to you keep in touch with people you normally wouldn’t. As is the case with these websites, unless there’s a good number of people actively using the site, it will flop. Couple these two things together and it keeps people coming back.

There’s a reason New Yorkers keep riding the Subway despite the MTA’s inability to run a decent public transit system. The utility public transit provides is simply greater than owning a car in the city. It’s the same case with Facebook.


Written by Matt

November 17, 2010 at 5:09 am

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