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There’s a place where information, ideas, technology, business and culture come together at an admittedly crowded point. That’s where this blog intends to situate itself. Those five factors have come together in an unprecedented way only seen a few other times in world history. That is what I intend on writing about, and while it all might seem grandiose, high-minded, crowded, and drenched in oh-man-things-now-are-so-great-isms there is still room in the crowded echo chamber that is the blogosphere for one more.

Oh, and the name? While I was heavily under the influence of alcohol I was lucky enough to come up with a blog name that unique enough to not be taken on WordPress just by misspelling a word. Why I was thinking about blogging while drunk is another story entirely.

No, this whole thing isn’t a typo.


Written by Matt

June 17, 2010 at 1:38 pm

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