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Ghana’s Burgeoning…Economy?

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Over at Vice they’ve got a nice story about how Ghana is quickly overtaking Nigeria as the world’s top dog in the internet scam game (which I guess is really a plug about their new show on MTV, where the send one of their bespectacled writers to the country to investigate, in an attempt to be ironic, I suppose).

That’s right, the country that eliminated us from the last two World Cups is also preying on our most feeble minded computer users, begging me to ask when Ghana’s domination of the United States will end.

It used to be Nigerian princes sending us emails asking for personal information, but recent developments have what I assume to be Ghanaian princes sending us emails asking for personal information. The sad part is that people still fall for this kind of thing. The profits reaped by those faking royalty has spawned Sakawa, which used to be the term for simple scamming, but has since evolved into a term for the low-level opulence these guys have attained.

Don’t cry for Nigeria, though, as they have since made the horizontal move to being Africa’s film capital. Not that the film venture isn’t rife with fraud, too – a new movie only has two weeks before it is pirated across the continent. But, hey, at least its more legitimate than email scams.

Written by Matt

December 22, 2010 at 10:41 am

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