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Google Playing into “Search Engine Overload”

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Ok, I don’t put much stock in Bing’s “search engine overload,” the fictional ailment in which an individual poises a question and is answered by those around them bellowing asinine answers, as a legitimate critique of Google’s foundational service, but it seems to me Google’s new instant search function is playing right into Bing’s hands. Well, their advertising department anyway.

Type in, for example, New York. If I was just interested in the city or the state, that’s fine, but I can go hundreds of places from there. In the majority of cases I feel like instant search is completely unhelpful. At least auto-complete was good for a couple laughs and it didn’t mess with the page’s aesthetics.  Oh, yeah, and Google had to censor a bunch of instant search results, from Canadian rock band Bearnaked Ladies to the bottom half of women’s underwear to safeguard against a bunch of 11-year-old boys crowding around a monitor in one of their computer classes and giggling. God forbid there’s any giggling. Nevermind the fact you can just hit enter and see the results anyway.

Not that this is changing anything. Bing is still going to be second…err…third behind Google (and Yahoo, evidently). Although Microsoft is the one company I feel has the ability to make legitimate inroads into Google’s market dominance, though that remains to be seen.

Written by Matt

October 14, 2010 at 4:01 am

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